Truck Body Repairs

We have 25 years experience in the repair of various truck body parts made of plastic and composite (Fibreglass, SMC etc.)

The advantage of repairing is that often parts are not available in the country and will need to be imported. Repairing these parts will get your truck back on the road where it belongs.

Parts which have minor damage can be repaired at a fraction of the replacement cost. It is also environmentally friendly as parts are being re-used and recycled, adding to your company’s natural sustainability credentials.

Examples of what can be repaired:

  • Interior plastic components
  • Exterior plastic & composite parts eg. Bonnets, bumpers, grilles, step boxes etc.
  • Composite sumps & tappet covers
  • Plastic diesel tanks, header tanks & reservoirs
  • Repairing of steering wheels

The possibilities are endless, you will be surprised at what we can do.